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Ms. Harminder Sethi is the Director Academics of English Zone and Regional Manager of BWBS
Education Consultants North India head office. She completed her masters in
English with MPhil.
She has been into the teaching profession for the last 22 years and is the speaking
examiner for the British Council, Cambridge Press and interlocutor for
Occupational English Test. She had been heading a Global Exchange Program
during her service period in Sant Nischal Singh Public School, Yamuna Nagar and
was the Editor of the school journal News Letters.
After 22 years of experience and progression, she decided to be an entrepreneur
and initiated with English Zone Academy, Yamuna Nagar.
She has excellent communication skills which makes her an outstanding
She commands a good respect in her community and with other stakeholders.

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About: About
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The world is full of wonderful things you haven't seen yet. Don't ever give up on the chance of seeing them. There is world out there full of possibilities. Its not about going to a new place but learning new ways to think. The benefits of studying abroad are almost endless. Studying abroad is about experiencing a foreign country and its culture. You learn by doing things and when you are studying abroad everything is new.

Fulfilling your dream is our mission!

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